Pastor’s Africa Trip


The Church Council unanimously approved the International Ministries (IM) request for Pastor Ivan to return to the Liberia Baptist Theological Seminary, RIA Highway, Paynesville City, Montserrado County, Liberia, on January 8 and return to the USA on February 1, 2024. He will teach two courses this year:

  1. BBST 631 Pauline Epistles and Theology – The general aim of this course is to introduce you to major issues and developments in Pauline studies. This will also orientate you toward understanding its connection with theological issues in other courses in Christian Theology such as the Old Testament and Systematic Theology.
  2. MISS 631 Biblical Theology of Missions – The theology of missions is examined from the perspectives of biblical foundations, historical development, contemporary discussions, and future directions. Special attention is given to major missiological motifs, the impact of significant missiological movements, and the interaction between theology and missiology.

Help the pastor raise the $5,000.00 needed to cover all expenses, including pulpit supply, during his time away. You can give online at or mark your gift “Liberia Mission.”

Additional Funds will support projects at the seminary, including the Poultry & Piggery Project, Bibles for Africa, Student Tuition Assistance, student nutritional services, Seminary Library books and materials, and more.