We’re Glad You’re Here! Welcome! Välkommen!

New To Church?  Don’t worry!  “Church” (Greek ecclesia) is a simple word which means “assembly or gathering.” We are a gathering of Jesus followers who love God and love people – no matter your background – no matter where you’re from, where you live, or what you believe. We look forward to meeting you!

Looking For A Church?  We’re a small church with a BIG heart.   We have a BIG heart because God LOVES people… and we love them too!  Jesus is building His church – here in Topeka – with fully-devoted followers who show love in practical, hands-on ways. We invite you to be our guest!  Come see what God is doing in, through, with, and for us!  We would love for you to join us!

What Time are Your Services?  Worship starts each Sunday at 10:30 am in the Sanctuary (auditorium).  We have special services on Easter Sunday at sunrise in Old Prairie Town at the Ward Meade Botanical Gardens. 

Where Are You Located?  We’re on the corner of 4th and Fillmore Streets in the Ward-Meade neighborhood of Topeka, Kansas.  We’ve been here for over 100 years.  The address: 1008 SW 4th St., Topeka, Kansas 66606.

How Do I Dress?   Comfortable!  We want you to be YOU, so wear clothes that are comfortable for you – casual, business attire, western, or professional.  We’re more interested in who you are and who Jesus wants you to become than what you’re wearing.  That being said, please wear clothes! 

Where Do I Park?  There is a big parking lot at the corner of 4th Street and Clay Ave.  Handicapped parking is close to the door on the north side of the church.  You can also park on the street along Fillmore, 4th., and Clay. 

Where Do I Go?  Most members and guests enter the North Door.  You can also enter the church from the front (up stairs). 

Where Do My Kids Go?  Jesus loves Kids…and so do we!  Kids come to the Sanctuary (auditorium) first, and then go to children’s church half way through the service.  We think it is important to worship together as a family before kids head to a class to learn at their level.  We have Activity Bags for each child that are full of coloring pages, crayons, pencils, puzzles, games, etc.  Nursery care is loving provided by professionally trained child-care workers.  All of our volunteers are screened with a background check – keeping kids safe is #1 priority!   There is a diaper changing station on the first floor in the Family / Handicapped restroom. 

What’s a Typical Sunday Service Like?  We worship in a blended style – ancient and modern!  The music is a mixture of contemporary Christian songs lead by our band with traditional hymns played on piano and organ.  There are times of quiet reflection, private and group prayer, scripture readings (always a Gospel), testimonies, singing, special music, and more.  The sermon is a bible-centered (exegetical explination), relevant message – inspired by God – with practical life-skills focused on a scripture text each week (20 minutes).  We celebrate Holy Communion the first Sunday of each month – the table is open to any and all baptized Christians regardless of faith, affiliation, denomionation, or decree. 

What do you Believe?  We’re a Jesus loving, Bible believing, world-changing church!  Find more information at https://wsbctopeka.org/new/what-we-believe

What’s My Next Step?  Come worship with us in-person on Sunday at 10:30 am, on Wednesdays at 5:30 pm, or contact the Church Office: 

    Come Join Us….We’re Better Together!