Adult Bible Studies

SMALL GROUP BIBLE STUDIES – Free and Open to the Public


An in-depth study of a single book of the Bible taught by the Rev. Ivan E. Greuter online and in-person each Wednesday at 10:30 AM.

All are Welcome as Bible studies are attended by Jesus’ followers from the Baptist, Congregationalist, Non-Denominational, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, United Methodists, and other traditions. The studies are taught Lectio continuum (continuously verse-by-verse from the beginning to the end of each book).

Contact Pastor Ivan for an invitation to the Zoom Online Communication session, or join the Ecumenical Facebook Group at


  • Book of RUTH (Old Testament) – June 22-29, 2022
  • NO BIBLE STUDY – MONTH OF JULY (Summer Holiday)


FOUNDATIONS: Core Truths of the Christian Faith – Learn the core truths of the Christian faith for free on Wednesdays at 7:00 pm in Holmer Hall. Pastor Ivan will lead a discussion of the 99 essential church doctrines from 10 core truths: God, the Bible, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, Creation, The Fall, Redemption, Christian Living, the Church, and the Second Coming (eschaton). Come join us for one or all of these classes!

  1. JUNE 1 – The Truth about Truth: Meaning, Purpose, Values, Facts, Information, Reality, Knowledge, and the Christian Worldview.
  2. JUNE 8 – The Truth about God: Love, Good, Holy, Just, Unchanging, Gracious, Merciful, Faithful, Trustful, Infinite, Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Transcendent, Immanent, One and Triune.
  3. JUNE 15 – The Truth about the Bible: Revelation, Authority, Inspiration, Preservation, Illumination, Accuracy and Clarity.
  4. JUNE 22 – The Truth about Creation: The Goodness, Glory, and Image of God (imago Dei); God’s providence, Love and Care; Prayer, and the Problem of evil; Miracles, Angels, and Demons.
  5. JUNE 29 – The Truth about Humanity: Temptation, Sin, Guilt and Shame, Evil, Transgression, Rebellion, Selfishness, Idolatry, Sin and Death, Depravity and Enslavement.
  6. JULY 6 – No Bible Study (Holiday)
  7. JULY 13 – No Bible Study (Holiday)
  8. JULY 20 – The Truth about Jesus Christ: Deity and Humanity, Virgin Birth, Sinlessness, Prophetic Office, Priestly Office, and Royalty, Humiliation, Exaltation, Atonement, Sacrifice, Substitution, Propitiation, Reconciliation, Ascension, Glorification, and Second Coming.
  9. July 27 – The Truth about Salvation: Adoption, Election, Call, Repentance, Faith, Justification, Regeneration, Union with Christ, Piety and Charity, Sanctification, Glorification, Work of the Holy Spirit in the Life of the Believer, and Fellowship.
  10. AUGUST 3 – The Truth about the Holy Spirit: Deity, Spirit of Christ, Work of the Holy Spirit in the Life of the Believer, Baptism, Supreme Authority, Encounters and Experiences, Indwelling, Sealing, Deposit, Comforter, Counselor and Guide.
  11. AUGUST 10 – The Truth about the Church: Christ and the Kingdom, Bride of Christ, Body of Christ, People of God, Priesthood of Believers, Family of Faith, Unity and Community, Mission, Evangelism, Discipleship, Stewardship, Education, Worship, Family Relationships, Social Concerns, and Communion of Saints.
  12. AUGUST 17The Truth about Heaven and Hell: The Afterlife.
  13. AUGUST 24 – The Truth about the End: Restoration, Second Coming, Resurrection, New Heaven and New Earth,


WOMAN OF FAITH – A small group study and prayer partners taught by a laywoman on THURSDAY at 4:00 pm: Contact the Church Office for an invitation to the Zoom Online Communication session.

**Child care is lovingly provided for participants. Call the Church Office to coordinate child care needs.