YOU are part of a BIGGER STORY – The Story of God!

We are more than individuals or animals spinning around the universe on a rock lost in space where we make our own destinies, memories, and stories. We belong to God! We believe in a bigger story told in the BIBLE: God made us, God loves us, and God has a plan for our lives: a loving, intimate, personal friendship with God in Jesus Christ in loving friendship with the Church!

The BIBLE teaches us the whole story of God – from the BEGINNING (Creation) to the END (God’s kingdom in Heaven and Eart). The story is simple:

  1. God made us! (The Creation)
  2. We rebelled and tried to ruin God’s plan. (The Fall)
  3. God promises to restore and repair creation by sending a Messiah (a savior, a rescuer, a helper, a friend).
  4. We tried to fix God’s world by restoring our relationship with God through religion, good works, politics, and human effort, but we failed. (human history).
  5. God came to do what we could not do – rescue, recover and restore humanity – by coming in Jesus Christ (God’s son).
  6. We rebelled and rejected God’s messiah and son by killing him on the cross of Calvary. (Passion story)
  7. God raised Jesus Christ from the dead and forgives everyone who is willing to receive love in truth and faith (the Resurrection).
  8. God invites all people who want forgiveness, acceptance, and love to join God and God’s people (the Church).
  9. Jesus Christ promises to return one day to fully restore God’s creation to perfection in the end (the Escaton).
  10. God’s people will live forever with God in a world of perfection and love (Heaven on earth).

We STUDY the STORY of GOD because it is OUR STORY too!

You are invited to join one or more of our numerous small groups and classes – in-person or online – where you can learn about your faith, learn how to study the Bible, make and be a great friend, enrich your marriage, be better parents/guardians and grandparents, become debt-free, and explore God’s work in the world through service. Explore:

We want you to know God and feel that YOU BELONG!

Friendship with God and God’s people begins with a personal decision to be a follower of Jesus Christ, God’s one and only Son. Learn more about following Jesus:

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