Communion Servers 2024

The Lord’s Supper or Holy Communion is a sacred ceremony commemorating the life-giving sacrifice of our Lord and Messiah, Jesus Christ. The Bible teaches that serving at the Lord’s Table is an honor and a serious responsibility (1 Cor. 11) open to any baptized believer. 

We celebrate Holy Communion on the morning of the first Sunday of each month and on special or seasonal occasions as Maundy Thursday, Christmas Eve, and other days designated by the Council or the Ordained Clergy.  Communion Servers help prepare the elements (e.g., making sure there are clean and ironed linens, the trays and cups are clean and polished, the elements are freshly prepared, and the table arranged and decorated).  They distributed the bread and cup after the prayer of consecration, making sure all persons are invited to participate and receive the elements including the musicians and nursery workers.  Afterward, the Servers help clear the table, give away the extra bread and juice, wash and dry the trays, and store all items safely.

We will happily train anyone interested in serving at the Lord’s Table! 

Speak with the Coordinator of Worship, Brice Smith, or Pastor Ivan if you have any questions. 

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