Christmas Offerings

GRACE is FREE! Ministry and Mission take MONEY! CAN YOU GIVE?

Can you GIVE an end-of-the-year GIFT?

A friend surprised me this week by saying: Grace is FREE! Ministry and Mission take MONEY. 

I knew this truth! The church relies upon the Lord’s generous and sacrificial donations through our members, neighbors, friends, and families. God has been gracious and good in Jesus’ name!

The church has received  $208,000.00 to date for general ministry expenses and salaries. We need $42,000.00 by the end of December 2023.

Can you GIVE an end-of-the-year GIFT to help us reach our 2023 Budget Goal by December 31?  You can give ONLINE, cash, check, envelope, or mail your gift to the Church Office.  Your tax-deductible gift by December 31 will help change the lives of those who are still waiting for God’s Word in our neighborhood.

We are grateful for all you give! 

Christmas blessings!
Pastor Ivan+

PS. If you or your family need help this holiday season, please contact me or check out the “HELP” tab on our church’s website: