Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone. ~ Charles M. Schulz ~

Neighbors Helping Neighbors is a community engagement project where families living in the Greater Auburndale, Kenwood, Potwin, and Ward Meade Neighborhoods help each other thrive through active volunteering, open and transparent communication, compassionate generosity, neighborly civility, shared safety, and asset based community development (everyone has something to share – kids too). We believe “we have everything we need to make our neighborhoods a great place to live.”

The support people can give to others in their community is priceless,
and can often mean the difference between growth or hardship. 

Ozias Bvute, “Small Ways to Help Your Local Community

CHRISTMAS 2023 – PROJECT 1: A senior citizen adopted her grandchildren on a fixed income in Ward-Meade. She cannot afford holiday gifts and missed the community agencies’ deadlines to sign up for assistance. We hope to help her with gifts, food, and clothes for the holidays.
Can you help? 

  1. BOY (age 7) – Loves Transformers, GI Joe, Paints, and cars. Clothing Size Tops: 7; Bottons: Size 7 pants.
  2. GIRL (age 11) – Loves everything “girly-girl” like bracelets, painting, drawing, etc. Clothing Size Tops: Large 14-16; Bottoms: Size 13-14.
  3. GIRL (age 18) – Arts and crafts, artistic. Clothing Size Tops: X-Large 16-18; Bottoms: Size stretch pants only (no jeans).

Clothes, Cash, Check, Online Donations are Welcome!

Do you know someone in need in the Greater Auburndale, Kenwood, Potwin, and Ward Meade Neighborhoods?
Contact the Church Office to see if we can help them need this holiday season. Merry Christmas!

100% of ALL DONATIONS to our Baby Closet, Benevolence Fund, Food Pantry, Milk to My Plate Program, Wednesday Community Suppers, and Midtown Community Services projects help Topeka families. The Church does not use any of these funds for employee salaries, religious programming or building maintenance projects.