ABWM Special Project – Antioch School in Liberia

Hey, West Side Baptist Church Family: 

I could not be prouder of my daughter, Jessamine. She did an outstanding job sharing her experience in Africa this past Sunday and the 2023 American Baptist Women’s Ministries Special Project at the Antioch Baptist School in Liberia, AfricaI am one proud father!

Each year, the American Baptist Women’s Ministries (ABWM) of the Central Region select a Special Project for mission work in the United States (even years) and Internationally (odd years). ABWMCR selected ANTIOCH BAPTIST SCHOOL in MONROVIA, LIBERIA, for this year’s Special Project: a grant of $30,000.00, which will provide for the construction of the second floor of the building – bringing the building to three-fourths completion of construction!

This is critical to the long-term vision of upgrading the school to include Senior High grades and vocational training classes, thus enhancing its relevance to the local community and the nation. Completing the construction will serve as leverage and motivation to secure funding for finishes and furnishings for this second floor – desks, chairs, tables, boards, plumbing, etc. 

International Ministries has partnered with the Liberia Direct Baptist Missionary Conference since 200. We have prioritized this school-building project out of our mutual commitment to the dignity, liberation, and productive citizenship that require a solid educational foundation and nurture. The public education system and buildings were destroyed in the Liberia Civil War (1980-1999), followed by the Ebola  Epidemic (2013-2016) and COVID-19 Pandemic (2020-2023). The churches started sponsoring schools to bring education and the Good News of Jesus Christ to children of all ages. Despite the shortage of teachers and funds, the churches have persevered in providing basic education to students. 

In the 2021-2022 school year, Antioch Baptist Elementary and Junior High School had 146 students – 69 females and 79 males. They employ 24 teachers and staff – 9 females and 15 males. One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) grants and local resources have resulted in the construction of the ground and first floors of a four-floor school building – providing eight classrooms. This is attracting additional students, creating a need for more space! A good “problem” to have.  

HOW WE WILL HELP: Women and Men in Kansas are receiving donations “ABWM SPECIAL PROJECT: Antioch Baptist School” – now thru August 31, 2023. Find more information at the ABWMCR website: https://www.abwmcr.org/special-project

Pastor Ivan+

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